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The Complete Story

From the age of 15, Mark bought paintball accessories and then sold them before going to school for the sole purpose of paying for these driving lessons. With some success with online sales, the student decided to expand his market with various accessories. Mr. Paintball was created in order to distribute a diversification of products to then be called ''Outdoor Accessories''. (APA).




A year later, the entrepreneur met a merchant with a particular interest in backpacks. A few days later, waiting in the bus shelter, he saw two women with their umbrellas in their hands and only a hood to cover them with a gloomy day. Continuing off the subway, the young entrepreneur saw three people all with umbrellas that turned upside down, to the side and eventually broke due to the strong wind. Not to mention the newspapers when they forget the umbrella, that's when the entrepreneur decided to create AEER.

The entrepreneur's ambition was great and he didn't feel that he was making any progress during his school career, especially since he didn't get his grades. After doing several jobs to raise enough money to go into business. Mark was doing these sketches of bags during his night shift as a security guard.


The first AEER bag was designed by its founder to be different. The idea behind the hood was to be protected from the weather and to have hands free without worrying about the environment. Today, AEER bags are sold in over 50 stores across Canada and Europe.

Without your support, we wouldn't exist.


With Love,

- Mark Rivet