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We believe people deserve truly backpack that offers style, safety, convenience and comfort. In designing our AEER bags, we have been inspired by many pain points and came with one simple solution. 

In the backpack industry, it’s critical to have backpack that protect what your carrying, but what about you ..?


About Us

At AEER we are young and dynamic entrepreneurs who focus our creativity and passion on urban, active travelers. Inspired by the characteristics of the AIR, our backpacks are developed for urban life making them lightweight, ergonomic and waterproof. They are proudly designed in Montreal.


We offer an experience that will propel your plans and travels. Whether for everyday or for sporting activities, AEER bags will keep up with your mobility and speed, regardless of the climate or situations that you encounter.

We are continuously testing new technology that will increase performance. AEER is committed to offering you quality products with innovative features tailored to your present and future needs.


You can conquer the world. AEER will follow you.




What does AEER mean?

AEER is a Latin name meaning "AIR" in English. Since French is derived from Latin, the founder wanted to return to his origins. It also means the 4 elements (water, earth, fire, and air), the outside temperature, wind, sun and all the environment that an urban traveler could encounter in his way.

The logo simply means the urban traveler walking in front of the street. The individuals are represented by the match man walking towards the top. The logo also highlights the A of the first letter of the name AEER which is shown with the man who can be seen with both arms supporting the A. AEER is spelled as the letter "R" which refers to the word in French as well as the first letter of the founder's surname.



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