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What do you do to stay motivated?

Are you still motivated?

Yes, yes, I've been training for over 12 years and almost 7 years as a trainer and kinesiologist. On the networks, people often ask me how I stay constant and motivated in my training, but also in life. It's a pleasure to share a few secrets with you.

Tip #1 Having someone to guide you

I always played sports, but I didn't train outside of it. One day, I started following my brother and the ball went off. He would tell me what to do, how to do it, and he would push me not to give up. Three years later, I lost my motivation so I hired a coach. He hasn't been following me for a few years now, but thanks to him, my motivation remains at a high level. All this to say that when it came to training, I needed a guide to making the machine go (or leave it) and I am eternally grateful.

In life, whether it's in your business, in your relationships or in training, sometimes you need someone to set you on the right path and bring you back when you get out. Seek help and I guarantee you that there will be people ready to help you.

Tip #2 Having a fixed goal

When I lose my motivation, I remember my goal. For me in training, my goal is to be stronger. Knowing that I know what path to take to continue to improve. In my job, my goal is to make enough money to be able to travel every 3 months. I'm not there yet, but thinking about how I would feel if I could do that motivates me so much!

To define what you want, think about how you would feel if you succeeded and your motivation will come back at the same time.

Tip #3 Enjoy small victories

For me, a new client, a little more weight lifted during an exercise or even better a client's success are all moments that make me want more.

It doesn't matter how many times I lose. The most important thing I've written today is this: appreciate the small victories. Anything you achieve, be proud of it, because it's one step closer to your goal. There will be many obstacles and defeats, but when you remember where you've been and what you've accomplished, nothing will stop you.

On that note, I hope I've managed to motivate at least one person! Don't hesitate to write to me on Facebook or Instagram to discuss anything and everything!

- Stanley Louis

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