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Aeerbag Features

Quality Standard

With the Animus, your valuable items are safe. The main bag area has hidden zipper under the handle, so if you are carrying your Aeerbag, nobody can steal from your back. Aeerbags are not just bags, they are a way of living life while protecting what matters.

What We Do

We specialize in the development of Aeerbags that are compatible with the urban lifestyle. That said, Animus stands for elegance. Carry your Aeerbag with pride to a restaurant or for your day-to-day activities. Animus weight less than 2 pounds and has a capacity of 26 liters.



Both weather and life are unpredictable. With Animus you will be ready to face both.

You can attach the provided hood to your Aeerbag to be protected from the rain, or you can simply store it in your Aeerbag if it's sunny.

We like to offer you the most opportunity as possible. Keep it simple as never been so easy.

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