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Who we are

At AEER we are young and dynamic entrepreneurs who focus our creativity and passion on urban, active travelers. Inspired by the characteristics of the AIR, our backpacks are developed for urban life making them lightweight, ergonomic and waterproof. #aeerbags are proudly designed in Montreal.AEER is a team of dynamic young entrepreneurs based in Montreal, Canada.


We put our creativity and passion at the service of active urban dwellers. Inspired by the lightness of air, the Aeerbags were conceived to be lightweight, waterproofed and ergonomic, perfectly adapted to the active life of urban nomads. The harmonious and practical design of the Aeerbags makes it essential to everyday life.


The Aeerbags propel your movements, no matter the climate and the situations that present themselves to you. Whether it's for your daily activities or sports, they allow you to be mobile and fast as the wind.


We are committed to offering you high quality products, by maintaining our manufacturing protocols at the latest technological performances. Innovation is at the heart of our approach in order to offer you the most performant and resistant lightweight Aeerbags.


Want to know more or meet us? Do not hesitate to contact us by email at support@aeer.ca. It will be our pleasure to answer you.


Be free like AEER. Well equipped.

The AEER team

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